Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Have Two Wedding Cinematographers

Everyone around you including your mom, best friend and coworker has an opinion of how your wedding should be. However what you may not have yet heard yet is that some of your important moments in time from your wedding will actually be happening in two different places at the same time! This is why at White Diamond Video we recommend to have the two long island wedding videographer package.

By having just one cinematographer, you will have to let your wedding cinematographer choose which parts of your day are to be filmed, as they cannot be everywhere at once

As you and your fiance' are to be getting dressed around the same time and likely at different locations, your wedding cinematographer is only able to capture one person getting ready, this is usually the bride :).

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When you and your fiance' see each other for the first time if you are not getting married at a church, you will be doing a first look. This is a wonderful portion of the wedding film and your day. If you want to see both parties reactions as they see each other for the very first time, we recommend to have two cinematographers videoing this. Also as one cinematographer has many responsibilities, he or she will be required to setup the audio recording equipment so that we can hear your very precious wedding vows. It will be difficult to do this and capture your first look if both are happening around the same time. Speaking of the ceremony, when you the beautiful bride walks down the isle and your groom see's you, if you want to capture the reaction on his face you will want a second videographer to record this. This will be one of the biggest parts of your day, let's opt for two!

While you will have one Long Island Wedding Videographer to be with you and your photographer while you take those gorgeous photos and videos with your family and best friends, the second videographer will be capturing the setup shots of your location, ceremony spot, and grand ballroom.

We, as the editors and professionals, will use these beautiful shots and put them into your video in a creative and artistic way. When it is time for your first dance and speeches, once again the second cinematographer will be there to record everything the main cinematographer cannot: your parents reaction, the closeup of grandma and the flower girl laughing, amongst others.

This is the time to option for your second cinematographer packages and have the memories!

Opinion: The Cinematography Cameras and Video Equipment we use to Film our Videos.

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